Artist: Brendan Olszowy


Benger, Western Australia 6223

Mobile (Australia): 0411 470 663

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He Man's Sword of Power

Bestowed the mystic powers of the Ancients, a boy is charged with protecting his kingdom. He has been given immense power to fight all evil. But with great power comes great responsibilty. A boy of kind and noble heart, Prince Adam takes to his task with all the maturity of any great knight, but never loses the boy within.

I've always wanted a real, functional, sharpHe Man Power Sword. When I was a kid my plastic one was a prized posession. It's one model that's been neglected by all the big manufacturers. My design draws a bit of artistic licence rather than strictly following the cartoon sword. Obviously a cartoon design isn't the best starting point for a design.

This particular sword has been gun blued then rubbed back to give it a patinad battle worn look. This sword has a flattened diamond section. It is fully sharpened and ready to battle the Evil forces of Skeletor.

Blade (total) is 780mm (30.7")
Overall Length 922mm (36")
Hilt is 142mm o/all (5.6")
Grip is 120mm long with steel wire wrap over Jarrah Hardwood.
Full Tang 22mmx6mm tapers down to 15mmx6mm.
Ricasso is 170mm
Point of Balance: 200mm (8")
Centre of Percussion: 530mm (21")from guard.
Weight: only 1140g. (2lb 8oz)

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Test Cutting Clip: