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Signature Number: 12-013

Centuries before prince Adam sacrificed his youth to take up the mantle to protect Eternia in the role of He-Man. King Grayskull made the ultimate sacrifice to protect Eternia. He was a man of infinite inner strength, sourced by his love of all that was good. This Sword harnessed his strength & spirit to again be called upon by his descendant Prince Adam.

Upon his death Grayskulls wife Veena becomes the first Sorceress charged with the protection of the Sword, and the Secrets of Castle Grayskull.

Length Overall:  1.11m (43.7”)
Weight: 1.88kg (4lb 2oz)
Blade Length overall: 81cm (32”)
Blade Width: 70mm wide (2.75") at the flare
Hilt Length Overall: 300mm (11.8”)
Grip Length: 24.5cm (9.7”)
Point of Balance: 10.5cm (4.2”) from guard
Primary Node of Percussion: 9.5cm (3.8”) behind guard
Centre of Percussion: 51cm (20”) from guard.
Blade thickness: 6mm at the guard, tapering distally to 4mm thick 2” back from tip.
Blade is made from 9260 spring steel. Hardened and tempered to 52Rc.  
Hilt components are mild steel.
Grip: Jarrah (Eucalypt) hardwood core with Chrome Tanned Kid leather wrap.



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