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I think the primary role of the creations I make for people is as an expression of their inner self, their identity. In defiance of a world where items are becoming ever more disposable and standardised; I'm bringing them something very Real; something that may represent them to generations to come - an echo of their time on this planet. It's something that, when taken in hand, it really pulls you into stilled presence, and awereness. When you realise that what you hold is the only one of it's kind in existance, and every detail of it happened directly through a human creative process,.. Well, it's hard to communicate the feeling unless you've shared it.

Like most of you I am also fascinated by the mystical qualities that swords hold in our cultures. When someone first holds a sword in their hand they experience strong emotions: of Power, Mystique, Distant Cultures, Times Past, and Horror at the devastating potential this ostensibly simple structure holds. Years ago my passion for the study of the medieval sword lead me to dabble in construction of swords in my spare time, which has evolved to designing my own swords based on creative imagineering, coupled with historically sound engineering priciples. While most fantasy swords on the market bear little in common with their historical counterparts, my aim is to instill sound design, balance and harmonics to my fantasy swords, making them plausible in a world that never happened. My aspiration is for my blades to be fully functional, durable, yet artistic and of inspiration to the imagination.

I wish to transmute this thing of horror from days long passed to a thing of beauty and art for the people of today, and a symbol of our evolution, in this time of the flowering of humanity's consciousness. Long have swords been decorated and beautified, but always were they weapons of war, or in the least symbolic of power. In a new age of consciousness I wish to help the sword evolve as our race is evolving.
I am no enthusiast of conflict. I have no romance toward murder, only sorrow for all who are caught in conflict, and those who bring it upon this world.

I have a deep interest in original Medieval Swords, and a deep respect for their designs and tuning - there are so many rules which must be understood when designing a sword, yet there's so much room for artistic flair in there too. And while I am fascinated to study antique swords, a grim cognisance it proves to be at times. So I want to help people today create their own world, and hope we can build a better world too.

I'm always fascinated by how enthusiastic sword collectors can be when it comes to designing their own blade, and how many latent designs lay in the mind, let alone the many that make it to paper, and even fewer brought into form. For us to actually take the designs off the paper and make their creation a reality is exciting for myself as much as you. We live in a special time where it is achievable for me to collaborate with people all over the world and make their brain child come to life for them.
It's even more amazing in a time where our world is tainted with cheap, mass produced, impersonal junk.

How I design my pieces:
I design all my pieces starting with a blank piece of paper, and a centreline to a scale (usually 1cm = 1" / 1:2.5)). I judge all the aesthetics, sizes, proportions and shapes without the use of mathematics, trigonometry or other calculated methods as such. I just judge them by feel, and just hone in on what sits right with my intuition. While I'm aware of the scientific tuning of a good sword, I believe true creativity can only be felt; instinctual, from a place of 'no mind'. I feel the problem with some modern art and design is that it comes from a place of overthinking, calculations and rules - yes people are very clever, but cleverness alone is not creative.
I don't believe intellect alone can conceive of original creation, to me it comes from a place of stillness and 'no-thought'. In fact many of my designs and problem solultions come to me when I emerge from sleep for my daily rebirth into this world.
People have become so technically clever and 'advanced' and so proud of their intellectual achievements, yet I shudder when I see modern architecture (for example) compared to that of old. To me it has become cold and without spirit, whereas Old buildings were made beautiful.
Beauty in creativity is a mating of the intellectual and practical to what is felt from a place unnamed; a
nd many incidences of Luck surround the process.

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