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Signature No.s 12:018 & 12:019

Freki and Geri feature on the sword, Yggdrasil. Two ravenous companion wolves of the Norse God Odin, who was said to subside only on Mead while in Valhalla, having lost his appetite for meat after a vision of the downfall of the Gods'. Thus Odin's God's share of food to his wolves. They did feed upon the fallen at the fields of battle at Logafiöll, and would greedily accompany Odin on the Elk Hunt, and through all his wanderings.



Yggdrasil - Sword
Odin's Horse; An Immense Ash tree upon which the nine worlds exist

Weight: 3lb 2oz (1440g)
Length Overall: 972mm ( 38.3")
Blade Length: 765mm (30.1")
Grip Length: 142mm ( 5.6")
Blade Width: 60mm (2.4") At Base,> 44mm (1.73")Before Tip
Blade Thickness: 5mm (0.197") at base > 3.4mm end of fuller
Point of Balance: 14cm (5.5") from blade shoulder
Centre Of Percussion: 50cm (19.7") from blade shoulder
Hilt Node of Percussion: 50mm behind guard (1.97")
Grip: Polar Core with Kangaroo Leather Wrap
Hilt Furniture: Hand Chiseled Brass
Blade: 9260 High Carbon Steel. Oil Quenched then Tempered Twice for Hardness ~ 52Rc
Blade Inscription:
Suffer No Guilt Yee Who Wield This In The Name Of Odin

Gungnir - Seax
Odin's Spear

Weight: 1lb 7oz (658g)
Length Overall: 525mm (20.7 ")
Blade Length: 360mm (14.1")
Blade Width: 51mm (2") At Belly,> 41mm (1.6") at waist
Blade Thickness: 5.9mm (0.232") at base > 3.4mm at 1" behind tip
Point of Balance: 3cm (1.2") from timber scale
Grip: Walnut
Blade: 9260 High Carbon Steel. Oil Quenched then Tempered Twice for Hardness ~ 54Rc
Blade Inscription:
GUNGNIR in Elder Futhark

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