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Virðing (Honor)

Virðing was a gift from an ally chief from across the sea to Tolinor King and his new Queen, Haliaana on the day of their Spirit Union. The sword was called Virðing to capture the virtue and respect that the King and Queen have for each other. Betrothed and befriended soon after their births they had waited til their 25th spring to Unite, as was the custom. Virðing was hung in the royal suite for King Tolinor to defend his lady wife, should the dire need arise. It was a beauty that was never expected to taste blood, in these peaceful years, and whilst the palace guard were still exemplary in their discipline.

In the far wings of the palace a young man named Draden studied as apprentice to the kindly aged Sorcerer Flinkel. Draden was the pride of his family, as they were honored with his choosing to apprentice under Flinkel. Each spring he was invited to humbly attend the formal gatherings of the palace and even attended the royal Spirit Union, though in the wings as aid to Flinkel who was conducting the ceremony. Draden was never so buried in his duties to overlook the magestic beauty of Haliaana, which had for many years haunted his dreams, giving rise to a confusion he dare never utter.

Whether it was a mistake for Flinkel to choose one with such inner turmoil as Draden, or the High One's intention, we can never know. But Draden in his learnings with Flinkel became skilled in many things which were intended to protect and serve his kingom. Among these were potions & charms, rituals & spells, and glamours intended to fool the uninitiated. In his journeys Draden found himself especially gifted at Glamours, and would use them in his meanderings. Paying for a lodging and a nights drink at the inne with a Copper, which the Innkeeper was enthused to recieve, thinking it were a Gold, even til the weekly tally when he couldn't find that Gold anywhere. This was one of many joys Draden enjoyed which Flinkel never let on whether he knew.

Nor needed it be spoken of until that tragic night that Tolinor king returned from the Mead Hall to find his lady in the throes of passion with a stranger. In a vision of red rage, it seemed Virðing leapt into Tolinor's grip and lead him in a thrust through the couple, finding it's home in Haliaana's breast. At this point Tolinor's vision cleared as the suitor's golden mane seemed to disappear to reveal a crop of raven hair, as the Apprentice Draden appeared and slumped. In her last breath the look on Haliaana's face was one of dread surprise, as she too discovered it was not her King in her arms but the strange lad she had oft seen with Flinkel. Knowing also of the Lad, it took Tolinor but a moment to piece together what had happened. The strange transformation of this gifted young sorcerer, the surprise on the sweet face of the dieing Maiden. In utter despair the King could not forgive himself, to have taken the life of his wife who he knew would never knowingly dishonor him. Tolinor died at his own hand soonafter, and without an heir to the throne the kingdom fell into feud...

Specifications are:
Weight: 1270g (2lb 13oz)
Length overall: 103cm (40.5")
Blade Length: 79.7cm (31.4")
Grip Length: 160mm (6.3")
Ricasso Length: 95mm (3.75") x Width: 42mm (1.65")
Blade width: 45mm (1.77")
Blade Thickness: 6mm (0.236") at ricasso > 3.4mm (0.133") at 2" behind tip.
Point of Balance: 11cm (4.3") from guard
Centre of Percussion: ~51cm (20") from guard
Hilt Node of Percussion: 8cm (3.1") behind guard

Blade: 9260 Spring steel; oil quenched then tempered twice for hardness ~ 52Rc
Grip: Acacia Melanoxylon - Grip spacer 316 stainless steel
Guard and Pommel are mild steel with insets of Lab Emerald.

Beasts on the guard in the Urnes style.
Ricasso reads 'Knoð' (Duty) and 'Virðing' (Honor)

Virting Custom Made Longsword




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