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Signature No. 16:11

Ewart Oakeshott described his Type XIIIa as the "Grete War Sword par excellence". The epitome of it's specific purpose, this blade was in use from as early as the 12th Century. These were widely adopted from Germany, to Spain, to England - with a classic example being Edward III's sword at St Georges Chapel in Windsor Castle.

The Cruciform sword of the Knights Templar, Knights Hospitallier, and Teutonic Knights served as an effigy to strengthen their faith on a long crusade protecting missionaries to the holy land.

Weight: 1350g (2lb 15oz)
Overall length: 104.3cm (41.1")
Blade length: 84.3cm (33.2")
Guard length: 19.9cm (7.8")
Grip length: 137mm (5.4")
Blade width: 5.1cm (2") at guard > 3.3cm (1.3") at 10cm from tip.
Blade thickness: 5.5mm at guard > 2.8mm at 1" behind tip
Point of balance: 13cm (5.1") from guard
Blade node of percussion: 51.5cm (20.3") from guard
Hilt node of percussion: 6cm behind guard

Blade is 9260 high carbon steel. Oil quenched then tempered thrice to hardness ~52Rc
Grip is bovine leather over a poplar core
Pommel is Brass with 925 silver inlaid cross forche
Guard is steel with brass inlays

Cross Fourche x 3 each side.
Nomen Eternum Dei (In the name of the Eternal Lord)
Sanctus Dominus Xristus (Holy Lord Christ)

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