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Signature No. 15:08

Tamlin al'Thor bore this Heron Marked sword for some years before gifting it to his adopted son Rand, after being injured fighting invading Trollocs at his home at Emond's Feild. Rand observed the slightly curved single edged blade was much finer than the merchant's guards' great swords he'd glimpsed.
The sword was borne in a black scabbard emblazoned with a bronze heron sigil. Above the short woven quillons of the guard the grip was also worked with a bronze heron, while the blade was clearly marked with an Heron on the wing. Luckily for the novice Rand the compact size allowed this weapon to be concealed under cloak whilst he sought refuge from dark forces, while the light slender blade danced with a liveliness which forgave his clumsy attempts to learn mastery of the blade.
-From the work of R. Jordan, Wheel of Time series

Weight: 766g (1lb 11oz)
Length Overall: 922mm (36.3")
Blade Length: 773mm (30.43")
Grip Length: 105mm (4.1")
Guard Breadth: 14cm (5.5")
Blade Thickness: 5.8mm @ base > 3.5mm @ 5cm from tip
Blade Breadth: 24mm Ricasso > 35mm @ Flare > 18mm @10cm from tip
Point of Balance: ~15cm (6")

Blade: 9260 high carbon steel; oil quenched then tempered twice to ~52Rc
Grip: Macassar Ebony
Guard and Pommel: Mild Steel
Bronze sculpture by Jeffrey J Robinson

Wheel of Time Heron Mark Sword
Wheel of Time Heron Mark Sword
Wheel of Time Heron Mark Sword
Heron Mark Sword
Heron Mark Sword

Wheel of Time Sword

Heron Mark Tam
Rand's Sword

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