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Sekhmet's Vengeance

One of the earliest Egyption dieties Sekhmet is a Goddess of War and Destruction, but can cure disease and plague for those she favours. She is known as the "Lady of Terror" and the "Lady of Life". She is a Creative and Destructive force. She was born of the Sun who was born daily of Horus, son of Osiris and Isis.

When mankind mocked the god Ra, Sekhmet wiped out most of it for the insult.  For Ra to save the rest of mankind, he had to get Sekhmet drunk to stop her killing everyone.  She is personified with the head of a lioness and a body of a woman. 

Weight: 1190g (2lb 10oz)
Length O/All: 104cm (41”)
Blade Length: 76cm (29.9”) from shoulder
Grip Length: 158mm (6.2”)
Point Of Balance: 16cm (6.3”) from Grip
Centre of Percussion (Sweet Spot): ~50cm (20”) from shoulder
Hilt Node of Percussion: at the swell of the grip
Blade Width: 58mm at flare > 44mm at start of fuller > 29mm at end of fuller
Blade Thickness: 6mm at Ricasso > 3.6mm at Sweet Spot > 2.6mm at 1” from tip.

Blade: 9260 Spring Steel oil quenched then tempered three times to hardness ~ 52Rc
Hilt Wood: Acacia Melanoxylon
Spacers: Copper
Stone Insets: Tiger Eye




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