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Signature Number 14:004

Dimly lit by a dying campfire, but he doesn't care for light, there is nothing to see. Rawlg swallows down his almighty fight, for his only foe are shades. All is lost to him, alone now, surviving on that which he takes... that which the barren winter affords him. The gloomy hue of cold embers trace scars on blackened, mighty hands. Hands with which upon the ancient blade he scrawls the Runes of his father. Upon the ageless blade, his cold companion since his village was sacked, his will is borne: VILI ALDREGI DEJA - Passion Never Dies; as will never his rage,.. his fury,.. his fight.

Weight: 2360g (5lb 3oz)
Length Overall: 1077mm (42.4")
Blade Length: 838mm (33")
Grip Length: 157mm (6.2")
Blade Width: 65mm at base > 41mm before sweeping in to tip
Blade Thickness: 5.5mm at base > 3.8mm @ 3" before tip
Point of Balance: 80mm from shoulder
Blade node of percussion: ~55cm from shoulder
Hilt node of Percussion: 65mm back from guard.

Blade Inscription:
"Passion Never Dies"

Blade is 9260 high carbon steel. Oil Quenched then Tempered twice to hardness ~50Rc
Grip and Scabbard: Poplar Core with Veg Tanned leather wrap
Hilt Furniture: Bronze Sculpture by Jeffrey J Robinson
Chape by Holger Ratsdorf

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