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Signature No. 17:04

She was born in the rainforests, made of grace and beauty. A quiet yet palpable sweetness of joy matured into iron-willed strength and keen sharpness. She traveled far to seek safety for her legacy. She survived every obstacle, set-back, deception, and assault, rising each time even more powerful. When naivete faded, only unmatched grace and indomitable force remained. She helped the weak and the vulnerable while cunningly evading the hidden serpents. She enjoyed victory over every oppressor, deftly escaping their traps. She exemplified honor and integrity and lived true to the spiritual Law. She conquered life.

Weight: 920g (2lb 0.5oz)
Length o/all: 90cm (35.43”)
Length of Blade: 54.5cm (21.46”)
Length of Hilt: 35.5cm (13.98”)
Point of Balance: 7cm (2.8”) from shoulder of blade
Blade Width: 27mm (1.06”) at base > 34mm (1.34”) after filework > 50mm (1.97”) at belly
Blade Thickness: 6mm (0.236”) at base > 4.7mm (0.185”) at belly > 3.9mm (0.153”) at 1” before tip.




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