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-From the work of R. Jordan, Wheel of Time series

Weight: 1308g (2lb 14oz)
Length Overall: 111cm (43.7")
Blade Length: 81.8cm ( 32.2")
Grip Length: 21.5cm ( 8.5")
Guard Width: 20.3cm (8")
Point of Balance: 9.5cm (3.8") from guard
Centre of Percussion: ~51cm from guard
Hilt Node of Percussion: 8cm behind guard
Blade Thickness: At ricasso 6mm (0.236") > At 3" from tip 2.9mm ( 0.11")

Inscription/ Sigils:

Fuller Reads "Tai'shar Manetherin / Carai an Caldazar" in the Old Tongue of the Age of Legends
Ricasso: Heron Mark
Guard: Aes Sedai Sigil
Great Serpent

Blade: 9260 high carbon steel. Oil Quenched then tempered twice to hardness ~52Rc
Hilt Furniture: Mild Steel
Grip and Scabbard: Poplar core with Veg Tanned Cowhide wraps.

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