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Hrunné was a young Elk hunter in Southern Sweden over two thousand years ago. Gorsimi was his treasure, he trusted it to help him protect his family. The sword was crafted over a summer with guidance by his father. The hilt was carved in the likeness of the horns of the great Elk, the giver of life, tools, and clothing for his people. Hrunné gifted the sword to his son when age made the lad a better protector for the family. However the sword was laid upon Hrunnés body at burial, many years later, so that he could once more protect his family from beyond.

Weight: 985g (2lb 2oz)
Length Overall: 882mm (34.75")
Length of Blade: 660mm (26")
Length of Grip: 110mm (4.4")
Width of Guard: 150mm (6")
Width of pommel: 102mm (4")
Thickness of Blade: 6mm at hilt. Tapers convexly to 2.5mm before the tip.
Point of Balance: 130mm (5")
Centre of Percussion: around 38cm (15") from guard
Hilt Node of Percussion: End of Grip
Steel: 9260 marquenched and thrice tempered to a hardness of approximately 52Rc.
Timber: Guard and Pommel are carved from a very special Acacia Acuminata burl. Aged 7 years. This is a wood grown in the West Australian wheat belt, where water is sparse and so the wood is very dense.
Grip is Lace Sheoak ( Allocasuarina fraserana) - very rare, found only in a small area of Western Australia, with only maybe 1 in 1000 Sheoak trees showing this lacey type of grain figure

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