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The Myrddraal, throwback Shadowspawn of the Dark One, are said to exist only partly in this world, casting only a pale, blurred reflection, untouched by winds, and when killed, they do not die completely until sunset.
The Swords of the Myrddraal are forged by the Shadow-Forgers of Thakan'dar, the spell completed with the taking of a human life.
These blades carry the taint of Shayol Ghul, and have similar properties to Power Wrought blades. Though perhaps the Myrddraal's greatest weapon is the paralysing, stark, terror they instil in men simply by their expressionless, eyeless gaze.

-From the work of R. Jordan, Wheel of Time series

Weight: 1,310g (2lb 14oz)
Length Overall: 107.5cm (42.3")
Blade Length: 81.8cm (32.2")
Grip Length: 18.8cm (7.4")
Guard Span: 23.4cm (9.2")
Blade Breadth: 37mm after finger ring, 23mm at 15cm from tip
Blade Thickness: 5.9mm at base > 4.3mm at 5cm from tip.
Point of Balance: 85mm (3.4") from blade shoulder
Centre of Percussion: 49cm (19.3") from blade shoulder
Hilt Node of Percussion: 9.5cm behind guard (mid grip)

Blade is 9260 high carbon steel, Oil Quenched then tempered twice to a hardness of Approx. 50Rc.
Guard and Pommel: Mild Steel
Grip and Scabbard: Poplar Core with leather wrap.

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