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In the time before history, Dragons ruled over the world with fire, blood, fear, and pain. With no way to fight back Men turned to the Elements for help. From Earth was given steel. Fire gave the power to shape and purify the steel. Air powered the flames of creation to temper the steel, and Water gave its purest streams in which to quench it.

All the while the world’s greatest Magickers worked powerful enchantments upon the blade. The hearts of Men however hold deep shadows that no light can ever truly penetrate. The Spirits warned that as with all things of such great power, this sword would extract its price: While the warrior wielding the blade would be invincible he would never be invulnerable, in his final battle he would be broken in the worst way. Evil had seeped into the sword’s enchantments. Each strike of the blade would exact its price and for each victory a greater defeat loomed.

The first hero to wield the blade brought about the end of the Dragons' reign only to have his entire village and family burned to ash. Since the fall of the Great Dragons, every great hero down through the ages both sought and feared finding a sword of such terrible power. Legend tells of a warrior who will be able to wield the sword without pain. And so each warrior continues searching, in hope that they are the chosen one, all the while fearing they will be the sword’s next victim.

Who can wield the power of Dragon Rend?

[Story by TJ Baker]

Weight: 1245g (2lb 12oz)
Length: 1085mm (42.7")
Blade Length: 79cm (31.1")
Grip Length: 203mm (8")
Guard Width: 165mm (6.5")
Blade Width: 60mm at flare > 38mm at waist > 44mm at belly
Blade Thickness: 5.4mm at base > 4.4mm at belly, 3.2mm at 2" from tip
Point of Balance: 13cm (5.1") from shoulder
Centre of Percussion: ~51cm (20") from shoulder
Hilt Node of Percussion: 9cm (3.6") behind guard
Blade: 9260 high carbon steel - Forge aged, oil quenched then tempered twice wot hardness ~ 52Rc
Hilt Furniture: Mild Steel - Forge aged
Grip / Scabbard: Poplar Core with veg tanned leatherwork

Serial Number: 12-014

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