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This sword is a replica of a beautiful piece held at the Edinburgh museum, dating back to the 15th Century. A very distinctive piece it bares the hallmark downswept quillions unique to the Scots. The blade is also unique for a single handed sword - very long at 35.6" with a lenticular cross section for cutting, but quite slender giving great balance and lievely handling. Such an elegant and beautifully proportioned sword would have been the pride of the family, inspiring to wield, an honor to own, and with which to protect your loved ones.

Weight: 1305g (2lb 14oz)
Length: 1083mm (42.7")
Blade Length: 905mm (35.6")
Grip Length: 101mm (4")
Guard Width: 164mm (6.45")
Blade Width: 37mm (1.45")
Blade Thickness: At Base: 5.5mm (0.216") > 2" before tip: 3.6mm (0.141")
Point of Balance: 153mm (6")
Hilt Node of Percussion: 4cm (1.6”) behind guard.
Centre of Percussion: ~66cm (26") from guard
Blade: 9260 high carbon steel. Oil quenched and then tempered twice for hardness ~ 52Rc
Grip wood: Gaboon Ebony - Long used in the making of Bagpipes
Hilt Furniture: Lightly Antiqued Mild Steel

Scottish Sword


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