Artist: Brendan Olszowy


Benger, Western Australia 6223

Mobile (Australia): 0411 470 663

Sabre of Cyron

The name of Cyron is one that instills fear into the hearts of all Starian. Still a youth he is a venerable commander of the Tyrraan army. Being one of only a handful of survivors of the battle at Falx River didn't hurt his advancement through the ranks. His ferocious spirit, and leadership in the face of overwhelming challenge have many a seer touting him as the reincarnation of King Haramus himself!

Weight: 820g (1lb 13oz)
Overall Length: 795mm (31.5”)
Blade Length: 625mm (24.6”)
Hilt Overall: 170mm (6.8”)
Grip: 110mm (4.4”)
Guard Width: 245mm (9.6”)
Point of Balance: 95mm (3.8”)
Centre of Percussion: around 400mm (16”)


The guard and pommel are actually from a Hanwei Main Gouche. The grip is Jarrah Hardwood. Blade is 9260 cut from 6mm stock and heat treated to 50Rc.