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"My Hope is Constant in Thee" Spoken by Robert the Bruce to Angus Og Macdonald and his 5000 Men of the Isles at Bannockburn in 1319.  The Bruce reserved the Islesmen until the initial forces had engaged and then sent them into the frey with their famous Highland charge which won the day and Scotland's independence.

Weight: 2357g (5lb 2oz)
Length Overall: 1365mm (54”)
Blade Length: 104cm (41”)
Grip Length: 255mm (10”) with ferrules
Guard Width: 315mm (12.4”)
Point of Balance: 148mm (5.8”) from shoulder
Centre of Percussion: ~ 68cm (27”) from base of blade
Hilt Node of Percussion: ~8cm (3.2”) behind guard
Blade: 9260 Spring Steel Oil Quenched then Tempered three times to give hardness ~ 52Rc
Grip / Pommel Inset wood: Acacia Melanoxylon (Tasmanian Blackwood)
Guard and Pommel: Mild Steel
Ferrules: 316 Stainless Steel
Fuller: JEREMIAH in Norse Runes
Ricasso: Clanranald Badge - A triple-towered castle Argent masoned Sable, and issuing from the centre tower an arm embowed grasping a sword
Grip: Scottish national emblem -Thistle

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