Anduril (2009)

Before leaving the Elven homestead at Rivendell Strider first had his forefathers' sword Narsil reforged anew by Elvish smiths. On it's blade it had now been engraved with crescent moon, a rayed sun, and between them seven stars as word breaks amongst many runes. These Cirth runes are in the Sindarin language.

On the blade - Between the Sun and Crescent moon :
"IM*AEN*ESTAR*ANDURIL*LACH*NED*I*ANNUN : I Am Called Anduril Flame of the West"

On the reverse, between a device of the White Tree of Gondor over Gondorian Wings, and a Sun & Crescent Moon.
"TAUR*NED*GONDOR*GOBBENATHREN*A*SI*MAETHA*ENNI : Kings of Gondor Past and Present Wield Me"

Weight: 1825g (4lb o.4oz)
Overall Length: 1195mm (47”)
Blade Length: 915mm (36”)
Hilt Length: 290mm (11.4”)
Grip Length: 203mm (8”)
Guard Width: 252mm (10”)
Point of Balance: 90mm (3.5”)
Centre of Percussion: 540mm (21”) from guard
Hilt Node of Percussion: 50mm (2”) back from guard [Centre of fore grip.]
Distal Taper 50%: 6mm at hex section tapering over the diamond section to 3mm, measured 4cm behind tip.
Profile Taper: 40mm (1.57”) to 30mm (1.18”) at 6” from tip, before tapering acutely
Steel: 9260 spring steel, oil quenched, then tempered twice to a hardness of approx 52Rc. Grip timber: European Beech.

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Anduril By Fable Blades

Anduril Custom Sword

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