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This sword was handled down through a noble ancestry, to Boromir, son of Denethor, Steward of Gondor. Boromir was a noble man, seasoned in the battle to hold Gondor's eastern borders against Sauron's minions. A decendant of Númenór he was a massive man, noted for his bravery, skill in battle, and love for his people. The last stand of Boromir in defence of his halfling fellows was valiant, fighting a hundred orcs single handedly, a rain of arrows undid this great man. He blew his great horn till the woods rang, but no answer came.

Weight: 1260g (2.77lb)
Length overall: 908mm (35.75")
Blade length: 738mm (29")
Grip length: 85mm (3.4") excluding spacer
Blade width: 59mm (2.32") at base. 34mm (1.34") at end of fuller
Blade thickness: 5.6mm (0.22")at base > 3.9mm at node > 3.3mm at 2" behind tip
Point of balance: 98mm (3.8") from guard
Blade node of percussion: ~45cm from guard
Hilt node: ~35mm behind guard (second riser back)

Blade: 9260 high carbon steel. Oil quenched then tempered twice to hardness ~52Rc
Hilt and scabbard furnishings: Steel with brass accents
Grip and Scabbard: Poplar Core with bovine leather wrap.

Sword of Boromir by Brendan Olszowy Master Swordsmith
Boromir's Sword by Fable Blades Master Swordsmith
Type XIV sword LOTR
Handmade Boromir's Sword Master Swordsmith
Scabbard Chape Tree Gondor LOTR
Scabbard for Boromir's Sword
Boromir's Sword LOTR by Fable Blades
Tree of Gondor Scabbard LOTR Boromir
Gondor Buckle Belt Fashion LOTR
Boromir Sword
Boromir's Sword Scabbard
Boromir's Sword Lord of the Rings
Boromir's Sword by Fable Blades

Sword of Boromir



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