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Earth Dragon

Wood: Eucalyptus Grandis

Length: 38.5cm

The shedding of it's skin is a symbol of our constant release of the old for better new phases in our life. As such the snake is a symbol of transmutation. Snake totem is the power of creation and embodies immortality and psychic energy. He has fire energy which, emotionally, are charisma, intellect, power and the intellect; spiritually, connection with Spirit, wisdom, wholeness and understanding. On the physical level, they are vitality and passion.

The Waggal in South Western Australian Aboriginal Legend was an enormous snake said to have created the landcapes of the earth. The local snake spirit was said to be responsible for the balance of water in an area. It was the greatest of the dreamtime beings. It was sometimes regarded as a healer, but it could also cause sickness and mete out punishment for broken laws. The powerful snake spirit was invariably described as feathered, finned, maned and or horny and was considered an arbitrator of life and death and "omniscient and omnipotent amongst the Bibbulmun" (tribe).

Dragons and Serpents are oft seen as sybols of Paganism it's self.

. Eucalypts are a feminine energy, with an Earth Elemental association. It is one of the strongest healing woods, and excellent for divination.

The tip of this wand is set with a naturally formed Clear Quartz crystal. Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on Earth. It raises energy to the highest possible level and contains all colours.

Dragon Wand

Dragon Wand

Woggal Wand

Eucalyptus Wand



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