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Uilveleth (Undying Love; Sindarin) reads the inscription on this blade. It was a gift to Lúthien Tinúviel from her mother, Melian the Maia, to aid her on her quest to rescue her mortal love, Beren, from the dungeons of Sauron. In this she did succeed, with the companionship of Huan the great Hound of Oromë, and together the three went on to penetrate the Halls of Angband, Lair of Melkor, whom they also subdued and from his crown they did wrest a Silmaril.

Completed March 2021
Weight: 1059g (2.33lb)
Length Overall: 829mm (32.64")
Blade Length: 690mm (27.17")
Grip Length: 73mm (2.87")
Guard Span: 149mm (5.87")
Blade Width: 53mm at guard > 36mm at waist > 46mm at belly
Blade Thickness: 5.8mm at ricasso > 3.9mm at node > 2.7mm at 2.5cm from tip
Point of Balance: 120mm (4.72") from blade shoulder
Blade node: ~ 460mm from shoulder (18.1")
Hilt node: ~25mm (1") behind guard

Blade: 9260 High Carbon Steel
Hilt Furniture: Hand carved from solid brass. Set with AB Cubic Zirconias
Grip: Fagus Sylvatica
Scabbard: Poplar Core, hand dyed, lacquered with Polyurethane, fitted with hand crafted brass fittings
Strapwork: Veg Tanned Bovine Leather

Uiveleth Sword of Luthien Type AE Hilt Silmarillion Sindarin
Elf Sword LOTR First Age
Handmade Elven Sword Tolkien Silmarillion
Bespoke Elvish Viking Sword
Sindarin Elvish Leaf Blade Sword LOTR
LOTR Elvish Sword Custom Fable Blades
Elf Sword LOTR Custom Swordsmith Viking type AE hilt
Elvish Sword Lord of the Rings

Elvish Sword Tolkien Elf Children of Hurin
Elvish Sword Silmarilion Luthien
Elvish Custom Sword Tolkien



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