Sword of Turgon - Foe Hammer

Foe Hammer is the sword of the Elf Turgon, King of Gondolin. After the sacking of Gondolin it disappeared for 6000 years, to reappear in a Troll hoard with it's partner sword Orcrist, and thus claimed by Gandalf. It was described by Tolkien as ""...white and gold...in a ruel-bone (ivory) sheath,..." (Unfinished Tales) and with a "...beautiful scabbard and jeweled hilt" (The Hobbit).

The name of the sword is engraved in Cirth runes - "GLAMDRING" meaning Foe Hammer.

Weight: 1870g (4lb 2oz)
Length Overall: 1185mm (46.7”)
Length of Blade: 913mm (36”)
Length of Grip: 138mm (5.4”) > Grippable area: 210mm (8.3”)
Guard Length: 225mm (8.9”)
Blade Width: Ricasso: 47mm > Waist: 35mm > Belly: 40mm
Blade Thickness: 6mm (0.236”) at base > 4.7mm (0.185”) at half way > 2.8mm (0.110”) at 3” from tip
Point of Balance: 52mm (2”)
Centre of Percussion: ~520mm (20.5”) from guard
Hilt Node of Percussion: 55mm (2.2”) behind guard
Point of Rotation: 2” from tip
Blade: 9260 spring steel. Oil Quenched then tempered twice to ~ 52Rc
Hilt Furniture: Brass
Gem Inset: Alexandrite (lab)
Grip: White Leather over Beech Core

Turgon's Glamdring - Gandalf's Sword

Functional Glamdring

Full Tang Glamdring

Fully Functional Glamdring Gandalf's Sword

Glamdring Hilt

LOTR Glamdring

With Antiqued Patina to Hilt Parts:

Glamdring Custom Sword

Full Tang Glamdring Sword Gandalf

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