Artist: Brendan Olszowy


Benger, Western Australia 6223

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The Archer

These knives are those of a Veelan Waywatcher... Rhingnaurfuin

"A faint splashing noise echoed between the trees of Erynaur as Rhingnaurfuin drew  the bloody arrow out of the Sidoians neck.This was the place he was born, this place was his fortress and home to him and his kind. He took a look at the surroundings and remembered a long past time...
Thirty Winters had gone since a small Veela, with coldfiery eyes, took his first breath of air, enriched by the flavours of nature itself, beneath a silvery moon,
as the Arahain, in presence of the whole tribe of Khiel Isha, gave the child its name: Rhingnaurfuin - in mortal tongue: Coldfirenight...

But this is not the time to recall long gone times, ruthless Sidoians on their hunt for slaves roam the sacred forest. They prefer to trade Half-Orcs to the Sarducaans, as the habitat of the Orcs is more accessible then the mystic forest of the Elves. But a rich slavetrader and merchant didnt spare neither trouble nor expense to get some beings from the graceful race of the Veela to serve him in his residence.
" - P. Weinke

Weight (Each): 630g (22oz)
Overall Length: 460mm (18")
Edge Length: 250mm (10")
Grip Length: 100mm (4")
Grip Timber: Australian Blackwood - Acacia Melanoxylon

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