Caspian X

Descended from pirates who happened upon a portal to a strange new land, the militant Telmarines saw a weakness in the ungoverned land of Narnia. Their organised armies began to conquor the talking beasts of this land where other neighboring lands had failed. They abandoned their home land of Telmar and set up a new palace in the heart of Narnia. The oppressive dynasty of Caspian I reigned for 305 years until the Narnians rose again in alliance with Caspian X. Caspian X banished the wicked Telmarines and with a select peaceful few helped the Narnians govern their land as their king. A new peaceful era of Telmarine rule was ushered in and the oppression of the native Narnians was ended... At least until the Calormene conquest of the later ages, which was interrupted by Aslan's command for Narnia to be destroyed.

Weight: 1520g (3lb 5oz)
Length Overall: 1175mm (46.26”)
Blade Length: 956mm (37.7”)
Blade Width: 38mm (1.5”)
Blade Thickness: 6mm (0.236”) > 3.6mm (0.141”) at 2” from tip. Most distal taper in last third of blade for a stiff thrusting blade.
Grip Length: 122mm (4.8”) > Gripable Area: 161mm (6.3”) plus ricasso fingering
Guard Width: 190mm (7.5”)
Point of Balance: 120mm (4.7”)
Centre of Percussion: ~64cm (25”)
Hilt Node of Percussion:  7cm (2.75”) behind guard.
Blade: 9260 steel ; Oil quenched and then tempered twice for hardness ~ 50Rc.
Hilt Furniture: Steel
Grip: Kid Leather over a European Beech Core.
Permanent Peened Construction

Prince Caspian Sword

Narnian Sword Prince Caspian

Telmarine Sword of Caspian

Custom Side Sword

Early Rapier Type XVII

German Rapier 16C

Narnia Sword Caspian

Side View of Hilt

Sword Point


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