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Poikakuningas, the boy king, had just come of age when his father was killed in battle trying to further expand his kingdom. Poikakuningas' Father was Kunigas Ottava - the usurper - a man of greed and dissatisfaction who had invaded the land many years before. Upon his coronation Poikakuningas vowed to return peace to the land for as long as he was leader to his people. To cement this committment to his people he forged Taistelu Impi (Finnish - Virginal to Battle) - his new sword, who he swore would never taste blood. He also used the wealth of his estate to support the efforts of the people, not the least investment of which was building of a great hall - "ilottelu" - a pleace of mead, mirth and celbration. Slowly the kingdom healed. Poikakuningas' children upheld his ideals and went on to carry Taistelu Impi for many years.

Weight: 1,340g (2lb 15oz)
Overall Length: 965mm (38”)
Blade Length: 775mm (30.5”)
Blade Type: Geibig Viking Type 5
Blade Width: 49mm at guard > 39mm at end of fuller
Blade Thickness: 6mm at guard > 3.5mm at end of fuller > 2.2mm at 1” behind tip.
Grip Length: 102mm (4”)
Grip Wood: Eucalypt Burl.
Grip Spacer: Copper; Engraved in Younger Futhark Runes: TAISTELU IMPI (Finnish for Virginal to Battle)
Guard Width: 138mm (5.4”)
Rear Guard /Pom mel Width: 95mm (3.75”) – Inlay is Copper
Point of Balance: 135mm (5.3”)
Centre of Percussion: around 54cm (21”) from guard
Hilt Node of Percussion: 3cm (1.2”) behind guard
Blade Steel: 9260 spring steel Oil Quenched and twice tempered for hardness around 52/54Rc
Guard and Pommel: Mild Steel

Viking Sword

Taistelu Impi Viking Sword

Custom Viking Sword




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