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The Order of the Silver Star is a self-styled chivalric order founded to keep the spirit of chivalry alive in today’s world.  The purpose of the Order is to cultivate camaraderie, aid the defenceless, train in knightly skills, preserve history, and explore the forgotten places in our world. As a chivalric order, knights are expected to become swordsmen, and each must choose his own sword. This sword was commissioned for the Commander of the Order for this purpose.

The Silver Star, depicted on the scabbard and hilt is the symbol of the Order. The star's four points of the Cardinal directions represent the Order's core values; honor, courage, loyalty, and respect. The four points of the Intercardinal directions represent the Order's pillars; faith, honesty, creativity, and history. The silver color represents excellence.

The three crosses found on the blade and scabbard represent the Holy Trinity, representing the sacred belief which the Order was founded upon. 

Rayonnant, literally meaning brilliant, shining, or radiant, refers to the style of Gothic architecture where lofty heights combined with ever-ascending stained-glass windows was used to create a stunning display of light that can be seen in many of the world's great cathedrals. This is the name given to the sword.


Weight: 1595g (3.5lb)
Length Overall: 1191mm (46.9")
Blade Length: 892mm (35.1")
Grip Length: 160mm (6.3")
Guard Span: 238mm (9.4")
Blade Width:35mm at guard > 32mm at waist > 56mm at flare > 32mm at 12cm from tip
Blade thickness: 5.9mm at ricasso > 4.3mm at node > 2.5mm at 1" from tip
Point of Balance: ~95mm (3.8") from blade shoulder
Blade Node of Percussion: ~56mm from shoulder
Hilt Node of Percussion: ~45mm behind guard
Blade: 9260 High Carbon steel
Pommel and Guard: Mild Steel
Grip: Poplar Core with Stainless Steel wire wrap and spacers
Scabbard: Poplar core with bovine leather wrapping and baldric. Mild steel chape. Stainless belt hardware.

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