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Princess Elysia

Elysia was the only child to the King and Queen in a long forgotten realm, Carallorn, and the King and Queen felt blessed with their fair daughter, never begrudging the lack of a son. Instead they embraced Elysia and Lavished her with all the education, freedom, and finery they could provide. As part of her freedom Elysia adored being the apple in the eye of the Men at Arms, and frequented the barracks, near the palace gate, often through her childhood. She showed more than a passing curiosity to learn the ways of the bow and the sword, and became a star pupil to the Captain, who dedicated much of his leave to train this young weaponess, who had a natural born talent beyond any he had seen in his time training young warriors. For her 10th Nameday he presented her with a small custom sized Bow of Yew; which he had crafted by hand in his quarters for months. With her new bow she was soon bullseying with unwavering accuracy. She learned swordcraft with a Dirk he had long campaingned, and had somewhat inherited this dagger, for which he had adjusted the suspension to suit her years since.

Weylyn, was the sone and apprentice of the Blacksmith, and he manned the Smithy across the courtyard from the Guard Post. Weylyn was no stranger to the lass. He was 6 years older than she and had long become adept at the Forge when Elysia started visiting when she was 6 and he 12. She had sat for hours watching fascinated as he would beat lumps of metal into fine tools, blades, cookware, and hardware which adorned the palace gates, doors, windows. She had inspired an elegant style to the wares of the Smithy which beautified the palace to the joy of all comers.

By her 16th Nameday Elysia was a fair lass but feared by the lads, who knew she was not to be taken lightly, and respected at any Tavern or Formal Ball, for she was both a Princess Fair, and a Formidable Warrior the pride of the Guard. None could best her in swordplay or marksmanship. She was strong too, never turning her back on chores. For she saw herself as no better in her status than her warm friends round the grounds. Her role at the palace had extended to one of armed protector. Nor was she shielded from politics as a Queen in the making, she was well versed in the ways of the world, practical and diplomatic.

Terrors in the night had been plaguing the famers on the outskirts of the Palace; invading clansmen from Tarak across the great river had developed a lust for blood and found plunder to be easier and more enjoyable game than a fair day's work. Elysia attended the area, along with a handful of the Elite Guard. With peasants robes hiding their mail they filtered into the outer village un-noticed through the day, and went about a commoners' evening cooking and cleaning and retiring to the cabins to await the onslaught. The Taraks were not spared their sport that night Elysia and her fellows gave them fierce battle and killed half of them, forcing the surviving scrappers into submission. These Taraks spent the next threemonth working ragged to boost the farms to new levels before being released with naught but a loincloth and two loaves to return to their home to teach them new respect for both hard work and the noble folk of Carallorn.

As it happened Weylyn's kin were among the thankful farmers saved that Summer, and as a token of their thanks he forged for Elysia a sword so fair as to serve the Warrior Princess of Carallorn - It took a whole year to complete, and was ready to be presented at her 18th Nameday. Swift as a Falcon in her grasp, she went undefeated all her long life. But it was not the greatest gift she took from Weylyn. For Elysia took Weylyn as her Husband as well, a humble Blacksmith who would never request the hand of a Princess. But she had never been refused what she wanted, she was Elysia, the Apple in the Carallorn's Eye.

Weight: 1005g (2lb 3oz)
Length Overall: 900mm (35.4”)
Length of Blade: 685mm (27”)
Length of Grip: 86mm (3.4”) / Total Grippable Area 160mm (6.3”)
Blade Width: 34mm (1.33”)
Blade Thickness: 6mm (0.236”) at ricasso > 2.9mm (0.114”) at 2” from tip.
Point Of Balance: 45mm (1.8”) From Guard
Centre of Percussion: ~410mm (16”) from Guard
Hilt Node of Percussion: 65mm (2.5”) behind guard.
Blade: 9260 spring steel; Oil Quenched then Tempered twice to hardness ~ 50Rc
Grip: Kid Leather Around European Beech Core
Hilt Furniture: Mild Steel and Bronze
Gem Inset: Alexandrite CZ

Princess Sword

Princess Elysia Sword

Princess' Sword Hilt

Maiden of Carallorn Custom Sword


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