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November 2020 Builds:

Weight: 1940g (4.27lb)

Length Overall: 910mm (35.82")

Blade Length: 758mm (29.84")

Grip Length: 95mm (3.74") excluding 'spacer'
Point of Balance:7cm 2.75" from where blade emerges from guard
Blade Width: 57mm at guard > 38mm at waist > 47mm at belly

Blade Thickness: 5.9mm at base> 4.6mm at widest point of the belly > 2.7mm at 1" behind the tip
Guard Span: 114mm (4.5")
Blades: 9260 High Carbon Steel. Oil quenched then tempered to hardness ~52Rc
Hilts: LG2 Bronze. Stock removed, hand carved.
Set with Cubic Zirconias
Scabbard has a core of Poplar wood, with veg tanned bovine leather wrap, brass fixings, and set with decor pieces by Raymonds Quiet Press.
Perseus Sword Functional



2018 builds: Signature # 18:03 and 18:07

Zeus had many sons from the daughters of mortal men, but one in particular was cared for by Zeus more than any other;
Perseus, Prince and heir to the kingdom of Argos.


Through a twist of fate, Perseus stumbles upon a feud between the gods. This resulted in Perseus' quest to save the life of the Princess Andromeda from the evil clutches of the hideous and deformed monster, Kalibos. Knowing full well the turmoil of these adventures, his father requests the gods to craft for his son weapons; weapons with such temper to match that of the divinity of the gods, preparing Perseus for the trials to come.

Weight: 1,500g (3.3lb) / 1640g (3.6lb)
Length: 931mm (36.6") / 942mm (37.1")
Blade Length: 764mm ( 30.08 ") / 770mm (30.3")
Grip Length: 111mm incl spacer; Grippable Area: 135mm (5.3")
Blade Width: Shoulder: 55mm (2.2")> Waist:35mm (1.4")> Belly: 46mm (1.81)
Blade Thickness: Base: 5.8mm (0.228) > 2" behind tip: 3mm (0.118")
Point Of Balance: ~85mm (3.3")
Blade: 9260 high carbon steel. Oil Quenched and Tempered twice to hardness ~52Rc
Hilt Furniture: Bronze; guard set with 14 x 10mm Cubic Zirconia and 1x 16mm CZ at top of pommel
Grip: Timber core (Poplar), wrapped with 925 Stirling Silver and Brass wires.
Ferrule 316 Stainless steel.

Clash of the Titans Sword Perseus

Perseus Sword

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