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Signature No. 17:01

Orion - The Almighty Hunter. His spectacular effigy reigns as the dominant stellar figure in our view of the cosmos, visible from all parts of our world.
His sword and scabbard borne in eternal battle in the open sky; face to face against Taurus, the Bull. Accompanied through time immemorial by Sirius, the Dog Star, brightest star in the sky.

Weight: 1.02kg (2.25lb)
Length overall: 90.6cm (35.6")
Blade length: 77cm (30.3")
Grip length: timber: 6.3cm (2.5") > with ferrule 7cm (2.875") > grippable space: 10cm (4")
Blade width: 6.8cm (2.67") at flare > 2cm (0.78") at 5cm from tip.
Blade thickness: 5.9mm at guard > 4.3mm at node of percussion > 3.2mm at 5cm behind tip
Blade node of percussion: ~48cm 18.8" from emergence from guard
Grip node of percussion: 3.5cm (1.4") behind guard
Balance point: 11cm from emergence from guard
Blade: 9260 high carbon steel. oil quenched then tempered thrice to ~Rc 52
Grip: Eucalyptus Grandis
Ferrule: copper
Hilt furniture: mild steel with Garnet stone setting

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