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ميړانې  زمرک / Mairanay Zmarak

Mairanay Zmarak (Brave Little Lion) is inspired by the weapon of an 18th Century Pashtun warrior. Part hillman’s knife and part shortsword, this weapon of the Khyber Pass is both subtle and fearsome. It posesses cutting power that is surprising for its short length. And at the same time, the subtleties of its 1 lb 14 oz weight make it light and blindingly fast in action.

Weight: 868g (30.6oz )
Length O/All: 672mm (26.5")
Length of Blade: 532mm (21")
Length of Grip: 101mm (4.0")
Width of Blade: up to 54mm (2.125")at belly
Thickness of Blade: 6mm (0.236") at base >2.8mm (0.110") at 1 " behind tip.
Point of Balance: 124mm (4.88" )
Blade: 9260 Spring Steel; Oil Quenched and then tempered twice to hardness ~54Rc.
Timber: Sheoak (Allocasuarina Fraserana)

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