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Longclaw, a Valyrian Steel blade in possession of the house of Mormont for five centuries, was gifted to Jon Snow by Lord Jeor Mormont in thanks for saving Jeor from the attack of a Wight. Before presenting the sword the Bear pommel was replaced with a Direwolf head, it's eyes set with chips of Garnet, to represent Jon's albino Direwolf Ghost and reflect his Stark heritage. - From the Work of George RR Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire

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Shown below are 4 variations of this sword which I've done, please also view "The Sword in the Darkness":

Latest Piece, Signature No. 13:014

This sword Signature Number: 12-016

Weight: 1729g (3lb 13oz)
Length Overall: 117.5mm (46.2")
Blade Length: 86cm (34")
Grip Length: 225mm (9")
Guard Width: 25cm (10")
Blade Width at base: 67mm ( 2.63")
Blade Thickness: Base 5.8mm(0.228") > 2" from tip 3mm (0.118")
Point of Balance: 50mm (2")
Centre of Percussion: ~50cm (20") from guard
Hilt Node of Percussion: ~10cm (4") behind guard
Blade : 9260 high carbon steel. Oil Quenched then tempered twice to hardness ~52Rc.
Hilt Furniture: Bronze Sculpture by Jeffrey Robinson
Grip: Leather over Eucalypt hardwood core
Inscription on the Grip: I AM THE SWORD IN THE DARKNESS
- an excerpt from the Nights Watch vows.

Other Longclaw Swords I've done:

This one has carved on the grip: NIGHT GATHERS MY WATCH BEGINS

This sword below (Signature # 12-006)was done with a shorter 7.7" grip to better suit the hand and a half sizing of Longclaw as described by George RR Martin. The point of balance is out slightly at 8cm. The grip decor is based on the Chapter Icon in Game of Thrones.:

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