Artist: Brendan Olszowy


Benger, Western Australia 6223

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La Fleur de Lys

A Heraldic symbol most strongly associated with the French Monarchy, La Fleur de Lys has been adopted by myriad european coats of arms and flags. Translated as "Flower of the Lily", I thought it fitting to photograph it with our abundant Calla Lilys. Forms of this icon has possibly been used for over a millenium.

Most commonly seen as a yellow insignia on a blue field. These colours have been adopted here also, with the gold heated steel furniture, vs the blue and silver wire wrap grip

The blade and ricasso were inspired by and embody the Lys shape.

Overall Length: 990mm (39”)
Blade Length: 765mm (30.1”)
Guard Width: 210mm (8.3”)
Wieght: 1570g (3lb 7oz)
Point of Balance: 75mm (3”) from guard.
Hilt Node of Percussion: Around 1cm before guard – Right under the index finger
Blade Node of Percussion: around 510mm (20”) from guard