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Lancette; the nomenclature for the tall, narrow, arched windows prominent in Gothic Medieval Acrhitecture; which were indeed named after long, double edged blades terminating in a graceful arch. The crossguard of this sword is pierced with a 'window' to the blade.
Noble and elegant were the classic proportions of the Oakeshott Type XII blade, and the longer XIIa 'Great Sword of War'; distinguished by a flat blade sweeping to a sharp point, and bearing a notable widening just below the guard. A type which became widespread concurrently with the burgeoning Gothic Art and Architecture movement, which originated in Northern France in the 12th Century and saw favour right through until the end of the Medieval era.
This sword gives homage to the beautiful architecture still standing, so lavish and romantically medieval.

Weight: 1,263g (2lb 12.5oz)
Length Overall: 1,141mm (44.92")
Blade Length: 896mm (35.27")
Grip Length: 180mm (7.09")
Guard Span: 224mm (8.82")
Blade Width: 52mm (2.05") at shoulder > 25.2mm (0.992") at 12cm from tip
Blade Thickness: 5.75mm (0.226") at shoulder > 4.2mm (0.165") at node/end of fuller > 2.6mm (0.102") at an inch from the tip.
Centre of Gravity: 13cm (5.1") from shoulder
Blade Node of Percussion: ~56cm from Shoulder (Right at the tip of the fuller)
Hilt Node of Percussion: 4.5cm behind guard

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