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The Ulfberht swords of old need no introduction. Among the top tier of quality blades through the era of Viking activity. Of frankish origin, the oldest datable Ulfberht is from the mid ninth century, with the latest being from the early 12th Century. The name was believed to be Frankish and the smithy from the mid Rhine river region.
This sword is inspired by a piece found in Spain, dated c.950. Now in private collection there is little documented information about this artefact - Though the original can be seen featured in Ian Peirce's book "Swords of the Viking Age" (2002-) page124. The artwork here is embelished from it's more grim original form, with raven motifs inspired by a brooch found at the archaeologically rich site of Uppåkra, a prehistoric urban centre from c.100BC to c.1000AD - located 5km from modern Lund, Sweden:

The name of this sword, Hrafn, is old norse for "Raven".
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Weight: 1.2kg (2.6lb)
Length Overall: 890mm (35") (Original 892mm)
Length of Blade: 765mm (30.1") (Original 765mm)
Length of Grip: 87mm (3.42") (Original 85mm)
Blade Width: 54.5mm (2.145")
Blade Thickness: 5mm (0.0196") @ base > 3.6mm @ node of percussion > 2.4mm @ 1" behind tip
Point of Balance: 158mm (6.2")
Blade node of Percussion: ~52cm (20.5")
Grip node of Percussion: right at the mid grip

Blade: 80CRV2 high carbon steel. Oil Quenched then tempered through two cycles to hardness ~52Rc
Grip / Belt Slide: Black Walnut
Hilt furniture: Mild steel with brass inlay.
Scabbard: Cow hide over poplar core, with bronze hardware.

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