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Signature No. 14:08

Weight: 930g 2lb 0.8oz
Length Overall: 85.5cm (33.66")
Length of Blade: 70.2cm (27.63")
Length of Grip: 9.3cm (3.66")
Guard Width: 19.6cm (7.7")
Blade Width: 4.3cm at shoulder > 1.9cm at 10cm from tip
Point of Balance: 8.3cm (3.27") from shoulder
Centre of Percussion:
~ 42cm (16.5") from shoulder
Hilt Node of Percussion: 5cm (2") behind guard

Blade: 9260 high carbon steel. Oil Quenched the tempered twice to hardness ~52Rc
Hilt Furniture: Mild Steel
Grip: Poplar Core wrapped with 925 Sterling Silver wire twist, Copper Wire, cowhide lace

Blood, Honor, Soul
For The Clan

Oakeshott Type XVI
Knighty Single Handed Sword
Templar Sword
Knights Crusader Sword

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