Heirloom Quality Custom Swords

An artistic recreation of a Petersen type AE sword from the National Museum of Denmark, dating from the late Viking era.

Signature # 15:06
Weight: 1.007kg (2.2 lb)
Length Overall: 88.1cm (34.7")
Blade Length: 725mm (28.5")
Grip Length: 82mm (3.23")
Guard Breadth 168mm (6.6")
Blade Breadth: @ base: 48mm (1.9") > @ 17cm from tip 36mm (1.41")
Blade Thickness: @ Base 4.6mm (0.181") > @ Node of Percussion 3.1mm (0.122") >
At 1" from tip, after fuller: 1.9mm (0.075")
Blade node of Percussion: ~47cm from base of blade
Hilt node: at centre of grip (spacer)
Point of balance: 11.4cm (4.5") from blade shoulder

Blade : 9260 high carbon steel
Grip : Poplar Core with leather wrap
Riser : Ancient Bog Oak from Ireland
Hilt Furniture : Mild Steel

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