Artist: Brendan Olszowy


Benger, Western Australia 6223

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(Flame of the Moon)

"Ithil" is the elvish word for the moon that was made out of the silver-tree "Telperion". Eldest of the trees, along with the gold tree Laurelin of the Valinor they brought light to the land of Valar in ancient times.

Overall Length: 300mm (12")
Edge Length 155mm (6")
Point of balance - just behind flare at front of grip.
Weight of knife: 320g (11.28oz)
Weight of knife in scabbard: 460g (1.01lb)
Timber is Red Morrell with shellac finish

Custom Fighting Knife by Fable Blades

Burl Grip Fighting Knife by Fable Blades

Custom knife with Burl Scabbard

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