Artist: Brendan Olszowy


Benger, Western Australia 6223

Mobile (Australia): 0411 470 663

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Sword of Garrigal

Elven royalty for generations have prided themselves on finely crafted blades with elegant curves belieing devastating chopping power. Subtle curves speak of feminine elegance, contrasting common straight blades found in munitions arms. A broad blade with a bias toward cutting, Lord Garrigal handles this like he was born with it.


Blade:790mm (31.1")
Grip: 140mm - Sculpted from West Australian Jarrah (Eucalyptus Marginata); One side reads 'Garrigal' in Tolkein's Angerthas Daeron. The reverse reads 'Avar Brannon', Sindarin for Elf Lord, again in Angerthas.
Hilt: 205mm (8")
Weight - 1500g, (3lb5oz.)
Point of Balance - 140mm from base of blade (5.5")
Centre of Percussion - around 500mm from base of blade (19.5")