Given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake the sword was said to cut steel, and shine so brightly as to blind Arthur's enemies. The sword of Kings for all of time

"thenne he drewe his swerd Excalibur, but it was so breyght in his enemyes eyen that it gaf light lyke thirty torchys." Thomas Malory

Weight: 1525g (3lb 5oz)
Length Overall: 905mm (35.6”)
Blade Length: 760mm (30”)
Grip Length: 102mm (4”) including ferrules
Point Of Balance: 85mm (3.3”) From Guard
Centre Of Percussion: ~460mm (18”) from guard
Hilt Node of Percussion: 35mm (1.4”) behind guard
Guard Width: 187mm (7.4”)
Blade Width: 59mm (2.3”)
Blade Thickness: 6mm at hilt > 3mm at 2” from tip
Blade: 9260 spring steel Oil Quenched then tempered twice to ~50Rc Hardness
Hilt Furniture: Brass with 316 Stainless Steel ferrules
Grip: European Beech Core with 2 strand opposing twist wire wrap

Engravings on the guard: "TAKE ME UP" and on the reverse "CAST ME AWAY" in Angle Saxon Runes

Excalibur Movie Sword Replica

Excalibur Movie Sword Fully Functional

Boorman Excalibur Sword

Full Tang Functional Excalibur Replica

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