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Signature 18:02
Dunmaghlas - The war cry used by the highlanders of clan Mcgilvray as they charged into battle.
The Mcgilvrays (meaning "son of the servant of judgement") came to settle in the highlands of Inverness Scotland,
where under the banner of Clan Chatten they received the estate of Dunmaglass.
This Oakeshott, type XIIa medieval recreation* is just one clan member's vision and tribute to his family history.
A truly functional heirloom, from the organic Celtic weave tooling to the emblazoned golden war cry.
*Sword inspired by Type XII.1; “Records of the Medieval Sword” – Ewart Oakeshott (1991)

Weight: 1,095g (2.4lb)
Length Overall: 1037mm (40.82")
Length of Blade: 847mm (33.35")
Grip Length:133mm (5.24")
Blade Width: 62mm at guard > 28mm at 12cm from tip
Blade Thickness: 5.3mm near guard > 3.3mm at CoP > 2.6mm at 5cm from tip
Point of Balance: 154mm (6") from guard
Centre of Percussion: 57cm from guard.
Hilt Node of Percussion: 5cm behind guard.

Blade: 9260 High Carbon Steel. Oil Quenched then tempered twice two hardness ~52Rc
Guard: Steel with Brass Inlay
Pommel: Brass
Grip and Scabbard: Hand Tooled and dyed Veg Tanned Leather over Poplar Core. Two Opposite brass wire twists

Type XIIa Sword
Oakeshott Medieval Sword


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