Artist: Brendan Olszowy
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Location: Benger, Western Australia
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The dusty cavern where the antiquarian creature made its lair would be the most strategic place to face it. Though the great open chamber was large, it was not so large that the creature could unfurl its spiked wings and take flight. Many a hardy adventurer had tried already. Some fell to the foul things that inhabited the twisting tunnels that must be wormed through to reach the central cavern. Others, having run that dark gauntlet with their lives intact, reached the great beast and found that their weapons cracked and bent on the ancient creature’s thick hide.

At the old king’s urging, the alchemists and craftsmen had worked together to create a new weapon; one that could hack through the denizens of the tunnels but also pierce the armored skin of the winged behemoth. With great pride, they presented the king with their creation. The king was pleased, but who would carry the weapon into the heart of the darkness? Who would have the courage to wield the Dragonspear?

Weight:  2,380g (5lb 4oz)
Length O/All: 1245mm (49”)
Blade Length: 880mm (34.6”)
Blade Width: 60mm (2.4”)
Blade Thickness at base: 5.6mm (0.22”) > 3.5mm (0.14") @ 2" bfore tip
Cross Width: 19cm (7.5”)
Grip Length: 247mm (9.72"”) / Grippable: 295mm (11.6")
Point Of Balance: 6cm (2.4") from base of blade – behind the dragon’s snout)
Centre of Percussion: ~50cm (20") from blade shoulder
Hilt Node of Percussion: ~6cm (2.4") behind spacer
Blade: 9260 high carbon steel. Oil quenched then tempered twice for hardness ~50Rc
Grip: Kangaroo Lace over Eucalypt hardwood core
Dragon and Gargoyle Bronze Sculptures by Jeffrey J Robinson

Story by Jeffrey J Robinson


Bronze Dragon Sculpure

Bronze Dragon Sculpture Sword


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