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“Evil has no moral qualms on taking the life of a sleeping man. It does not care if you are unarmed or your back is turned. It has no sympathy, it does not hear pleading nor sorrow. It will kill without mercy and without misgiving…. and so will I”
– The first wielder of Corpse Maker, Unknown

Built for one purpose, in the truest form of battle, this sword is made for killing, that is what it does. This is not a weapon for the noble or the honest and honourable. This is no glorious Hero's blade.
For the darkness holds evil in places where no light can go and the actions
of a good man fail. The realm of shadow needs a warrior bred of darkness, and this is a weapon is fit for the dark warrior.
As fire is fought with fire, so mercilessness is met with mercilessness and evil will be taught the fear of Man!
This is Corpse Maker, it devours evil, and loves it…

The inscription on the blade is but part of a longer script that tells the truth of battle;

“Don’t play with your kills. Don’t go for the one thrust beautiful finish. Cut someone twenty times and let them collapse from blood loss, then finish them. Don’t make it beautiful. You aren’t making art, you’re making corpses.” -Way of Shadows : Brent Weeks.

Weight: 1410g (3.1 lb)
Length Overall: 105.5cm (41.5")
Blade Length: 79.5cm (31.3")
Blade Width: 56mm @ shoulder tapers to 45mm after 16cm > 26mm @ 13cm from tip
Blade Thickness: 5.7mm at shoulder > 4.1mm @ end of fuller > 2.8mm at 5cm from tip.
Guard Width: 21.3cm (8.4")
Grip Length: 15.4cm (6") - grippable area 20cm (8")
Point of Balance: 67mm (2.64") from blade shoulder
Blade Node of Percussion: ~47-48cm (End of fuller)
Hilt Node of Percussion: 9cm (3.6") behind guard
Blade: 9260 High Carbon steel. Oil Quenched then Tempered twice, to Hardness ~50Rc
Hilt Furniture: Mild Steel
Grip / Scabbard: Poplar with Leather wrap


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