Heirloom Quality Custom Swords

How have my client’s received their pieces? Here’s what a few of them had to say:

"Best fantasy swords in the biz."
John Marino (USA) - Orcrist

Hi Brendan,
I wanted to let you know that the sword came in today. Incredibly fast shipping by the way.
As for the sword.....
The sword is absolutely amazing. I don't believe any words I use to describe how much I love this sword will do it justice, but I will try. I am incredibly happy with my purchase and your work is fucking brilliant. It feels great, sharp as hell, very sturdy. It exceeded my expectations in every way. The sword is in a good home, I will take good care of it. My only regret is that I didn't have the means to have a scabbard commissioned. But possibly in the future... 
Thank you so much, man!
Jesse (USA) - Orion

Hi Brendan, just to let you know the sword arrived safely , only had time for a bit of handling as baby is unwell, but it is even more impressive in hand great balance , handling and a looker too.
Dave (Australia) - Dance of the Marsh Wader  

Brendan,  blade got here today.   Cannot put into words how perfect it is. 
Handle, blade,  shape.   All perfect.   Thanks for selling me this beauty!
Joseph (USA) - Moriquendi

Thank you soooo much, she is absolutely stunning. I have been training with swords my hole life and have tuns in my personal collection and this is by far one of the best sword I have handled!
I will take good care of her,
Jeremy (Canada) - Stargazer

Hi Brendan. Got it today and its even more beautiful than the pictures. Amazing work! Thanks for working with me on this. In my opinion you are one of the best sword and scabbard makers on the planet. Cheers!
I.Lambert (Canada) - Ard Rí na hÉireann

Thank you soooo much, she is absolutely stunning. I have been training with swords my hole life and have tuns in my personal collection and this is by far one of the best sword I have handled! I will take good care of her,Thank you
J. Letheule (USA) - Stargazer

"I have just received Brendan's re-interpretation of the infamous 'Longclaw'. I'm going to struggle to put into words what is required to convey my thoughts regarding the quality of this sword, scabbard and suspension belt.
This family heirloom was commissioned with Fable Blades as a gift to my family to admire for years to come, and with the talents of Brendan to behold, this has been well and truly achieved.
Anything from the communication with Brendan, to the hand made timber boxing for the delivery thru to the magnificent leatherwork and precision craftmanship with the blade , my expectations have been exceeded ten fold!!!
If you are contemplating a commission with Fable Blades, do not hesitate, I plan on being a repeat customer as soon as possible.
M. Archer (NSW Australia) - The Sword in the Darkness

" A big thank you must go out to Brendan , to be honest my wife knows very little about swords other than what looks nice to her and because of this in the past when she has ordered me a sword some makers have taken advantage of this and tried to cut corners so to speak ,but Brendan was great, a true professional, and it was because of this that my wife went back and had Estelhang made and has said that any future purchases will be done through Fable Blades . So im smiling all around , means more Fable Blades to add to my collection in the years to come"
Sean, South Africa - Calamacil, Estellhang, Excalibur, Gurthang, Anduril

"I received the sword on Saturday and needed a few days for it all to sink in:)

First off, your pics even after editing do not do the sword or scabbard justice at all! Truly Remarkable work! The level of detail on the scabbard is amazing and you can tell after close inspection that a lot time and thought went into it. The suspension system is not be left out either. You can tell that every knot actually has a purpose and I find a new one each time I look at it!!

Now to the sword... I have had other swords and some quite expensive. On these swords the qualities were great yet there was always something that was lacking. almost as if the maker either got lazy or did not think he needed to keep up with the level of quality. Your sword is nothing like that at all. I have yet to find anything lacking. Every part of this sword is top notch and you can also tell a lot of time went into everything. Engravings on swords are hard, other swords I have you can tell different levels of depth in the designs. Yours are perfection!!

It handles like an extension of my own hand. I think you can tell how much I love it!Even my wife was amazed at how nice everything was:) and I have 'permission' to make future purchases from you. So I am thinkinng next year I will be contacting you once again for a commission :)Thank you again for everything!! Your work is top notch and your customer service is even better!!"Jason, USA - Ranger Sword of Elessar

"We've got Anduril in our hot little hands! It's spectacular! We're extremely impressed with your workmanship and can't believe how incredible it is 'in the flesh'. Thanks again for all your work."
Gary, Australia - Anduril

There is something else that one needs to know about getting a custom sword from Brenno... and its very important.
I've gotten custom swords from many makers now... and there are a lot of talented bladesmiths making some amazing swords. However... what really sets Brenno on a whole different level to me is his professionalism.
You often hear about how custom blades take months, sometimes years to finish. You hear horror stories about people waiting for ages for their sword, with no updates and no communication. Sadly, this is largely true... a lot of custom smiths are great artists... but lack the professionalism to handle their orders and customers in a timely and friendly manner.
Brenno sets the GOLD STANDARD for professionalism in sword making. He works with you very well, taking ideas and offering his until you both agree on a design. Then he sets a time-frame... a VERY quick timeframe, normally no more then 6 weeks.. which is UNHEARD of in the custom sword world. More importantly... he KEEPS to his timeframe... something many custom makers do not do.
During the making process he stays in touch... sending progress pics... asking questions and offering ideas about things that can be done during the creative process... he keeps you plugged into the project so that, in the end, you feel as tho you were involved in the making of the sword. Which is awesome!
So yes, it goes without saying that his work is amazing... anyone can just look at his website and see that. Also, anyone who has held or handled his swords can tell they are well made and are durable, built to last a long, LONG time.
To me tho, its all the other aspects that he handles so well that really set him apart in the industry.
Sean Stevens, USA - Shadowfang, HuliJing Jian, Elven Sabre&Dirk, Sting, Sword of Garrigal

I got the blade Brendan.... way ahead of schedule too!  That was amazingly quick.  Back to sword anyways, amazing.  Wow..... I've never owned such an intricate piece before.  Amazing.  You've earned a new lifetime customer.
Vay Duong, California USA - Caspian X

G'day Brendan!  2day my wand and staff arrived and i couldn't be any happier with them! Once i come back from me holiday i'll have 2 get u do some more work 4 me! They're fantastic, thanks 4 creating those they're awesome! Cheers, Shane
Shane, VIC Australia - Noble Sorcery

Have tried out Foe Hammer on some rolled tatami matting - that blade has some serious authority when hitting!  I think the blade has an advantage in the slicing cut because of the curvature of the leaf belly, cuts best (extremely well, even by comparison with a katana) just below the belly of the leaf where the curve is the strongest to give that slicing effect.  And you're right, she makes a lovely ring as she strikes through something.

Andrew, QLD Australia - Turgon's Foe Hammer, (Tamishigiri exponent of many years)
I just wanted to express my appreciation for all the work and advice in the making of Virðing. This is my first custom sword and the final result is just magnificent. The sword is piece of art as well as performing as a well made & balanced sword should.  I am looking forward to discussing the next project with you soon.

Andrew, Western Australia -Virðing

This post is to say Thanks to Brendan of Fable Blades for "Ciall". I commissioned Brendan to make a companion dagger/ short sword to accompany the first sword I purchsaed from him, "Seanoir". I got it last Friday and my expectations were not only met, but exceeded to the point of me asking him to make me one more creation, an arming sword to be called "Sieg" {Victory}. Balance, handling, cutting, & a great "Feel" all the points that make a great sword are all here and how !! This will put a "Crown" on my Sword Trilogy created by Brendan Olszowy.

Brendan is great to work with as we always go back and forth with ideas that I believe make for a FANTASTIC end result of any sword creation he completes. If anyone has an idea that they would want to come to fruition as far as the sword realm is concerned, give him the test. I'm sure Brendan's work will pass any test with flying colors and exceed the owners expectations. I cannot put it any better or "Straighter" than this, "Fable Blades, a Winner & a Keeper !!
Bob Dabroski, USA - Seanoir & Ciall

Brenno did a fantastic job shaping this blade. once again it is the details of the shape of this sword that really impresses and which pictures just cannot capture. even though Brenno makes his swords with machines and power tools there is nothing about them that I have seen that feels machined. it all flows very naturally and yet is still very controlled. I especilly love the subtle angles and shapes in the fox face (some of which you can see on the ears in these pics). not only does Brenno do great work with the steel but he shapes the wood very well too. it all blends together in ways that I have not seen matched by anyone else.

Brendon and his Fable blades have my highest respect and recomendation. If you want a custom sword you could do a LOT worse than Fable Blades. Brendan's work is brilliant.

I was seriously impressed when I saw these swords. They are very organic in their shape and have a beautiful flow to them in all three dimensions. yet in spite of all this organic look, feel and flow they show excellent control as well. there are no waves or lumps or ripples. I was impressed that Brenno could make something that flowed so well and felt so muc like a product of nature or magic (something that flows naturally) and yet was still able to keep the symetry perfect. these blade earned Brendon a LOT of respect from me and that's not even getting into the heat treat.

I was very interested to see how these blades would feel on my belts after all the cheness swords I have sharpened since both Brennos and Cheness are made of 9260. Let me assure you all there is NO comparison. Brenno's blades are superior in every way.
Tom K., USA - Sword Sharpening Service Re. Fox Jian, Elven Dirk, Elven Sabre

I LOVE these blades! They were my first customs and will always have a special place in my heart. The tactical option is great if you have an idea for a user sword that you don't NEED to be traditionally constructed... a Fable Blade made in the Tactical style can be had for MUCH less then some of Brenno's other blades.

The ability to design and have come to life your very own sword is something special, and Brenno works with you to help you get exactly what you want.
...SUPER tough blades, almost indestructible.

If you can afford it, I think every collector should get something custom made, at least once. There is nothing quite like the feeling of holding in your hand a sword you design, that you know was hand made just for you and no one else has one in the world quite like it.

Fable Blades are TOUGH, well made blades... and our own Brenno is a man among men! Talk to him about a project you have been thinking about, you will not be disappointed.

I set out to have something designed for my wife that she would love... and in this, thanks to Fable Blades, I was successful. What I did NOT expect is to end up loving this sword so much myself! This is, hands down, my favorite sword to cut with in my whole collection... and my collection has Albion's and Atrim's and Tinker's in it!
Sean Stevens, USA - Fox Jian, Elven Dirk, Elven Sabre

...I must say i am realy impressed with the weight of these sword. It is a really lightweight and handles like a dream. Brendan has created a real master piece with this sword. It looks very authentic to the Ranger movie sword and is also historical possible. I am really in love with this sword. This sword was deffinitely not my last Fable Blade.
Christian Schlemmer, Germany - Ranger Sword of the Dúnedain

"Hey Brendan...got the sword in today, and, well...it may be the finest sword I've had the pleasure of holding.  The burl grip feels incredible and the balance is magical. After swinging this thing and handling it for about 3 hours straight, I must say that this is exactly my kind of sword...shorter, stiff blade, meaty hilt and balance close to the guard.  It truly is a work of art and it will be displayed proudly above all my other swords.  Thanks again for this great deal and the opportunity to own a piece of your tallent."
Travis Nicko, USA - Glamdring

"It's friggin awesome!"
Phillip Starr, USA - Starlust

"I have to say the pictures do NOT do it justice… it handles like a dream.
The edge is done wonderfully. Round and safe.
I finally got to give my sword the try out outside with the weather getting better and.. wow.. I so love it. It handles like a dream. It really does. A stage blunt almost as light and fluid as a sharp is just amazing.
I am really glad we got to do that project together
… sword arrived wonderfully packed and many other sword companies can take of two big slices of Brendan’s packaging skills.
I will be sure to be a repeated customer"
Klaus Gimm, Germany – Sword of Llyweilun

"I can't believe how perfect it is. Everything about it is utterly beautiful. It's just the right size and fits perfectly in my hand. The wand is absolutely stunning and I can't thank you enough for it. I am so glad that I found your site and contacting you was one of the smartest decisions I've ever made. I can't be happier with everything that you've done for me, and your work is worth a lot more than what you're charging. "
Jessica P, USA – Aisling Athame, Holly Wand

"I Just wanted to let ya know that my new baby arrived here today. I must say it's beautiful, better than I expected. Doing a quick routine with it is beyond a joy... ... love her"
Rob Linden, Canada – Sabre of Cyron

"Shape is beautiful and it's a pleasure to wield that sword. The different part fit together very well, the colors are a success. I'm proud to own it!
The handling is easy, accurate and while swinging you feel that the balance of the sword enhances your efficiency and power while still allowing you to control it. It was so easy, fast  and pleasant"
Didier Magadoux, France  – La Fleur de Lys

"Brenda LOVES the blade!
And of course, I think my little mini head lopper is a beauty… BEAUTIFUL.  Especially my knife!   Wow, she's a pretty bit of death if ever I've seen one. These are GORGEOUS blades"

Brenda & Jonathan Eells, USA – Elven Lady’s Bee Sting & Kairn’s Earth Sickle

"I have just received the sword this evening. Just a word : Amazing
It's really a beautiful piece. This sword is perfect. Bravo for your work and
thank you for your amability ;)
See you for a Next sword :)"
Chris Peruzzo, France – He Man Power Sword

"Have just opened the packaging and released the baby into its new home. It is insanely beautiful and I love it.
I love the blade and the guard is just sensational! The pommel looks lovely. You've done an amazing job and I loooove him! Thank you!"
Amethyst, Australia – Quercus the Athame’

"The Yats is an exquisite piece of handywork & well beyond my expectation! Thank you, Brendan for the good works"
Larry, Singapore - Trochilin Yataghan

"I just unpackaged and assembled my new baby...and OMG I love it! The grip is so beautiful and feels great in the hands. It has a good weight to it, but can still be swung around easily. I absolutely love it!!! Thankyou so much for making this for me!!! I won't get to see her for the next year, but when I come back, I'm gonna have some fun with it and some water bottles, and maybe some fruit too ;D. Thankyou Brendan!"
Brian, USA - Lormegil

"I've never owned a sword where the components fit together as well as this"
Shawn D., USA - Sword of Whispering Woods

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