Artist: Brendan Olszowy


Benger, Western Australia 6223

Mobile (Australia): 0411 470 663

Ciall (Wisdom)

Wisdom-"Ancient Wisdom that is Tried & True needs no test to discern its' merits.  The path Wisdom lays out must be followed lest the many pitfalls that surround Wisdom be open to the many fools that deviate from Wisdom Itself."

Weight: 710g (25oz)
Length Overall: 617mm (24.3”)
Length of Blade: 380mm (15”)
Length of Grip: 182mm (7.1”)
Point of Balance: Grip Guard Junction
Blade Thickness: 6mm (0.236”) > 2.6mm (0.102”) at 2” behind tip.
Blade Width: 42mm (1.65”)
Blade: 9260 steel oil quenched and tempered twice to ~ 52Rc Hardness
Timber: Australian Wattle Blackwood (Acacia Melanoxylon)

Pommel Engraving: TRIAIL AGUS CEART THA MI CIALL (Tried And True Am I, Wisdom)
Blade Engraving: GABHAIL CIALL RUIGHINN AIR AN VALHALLA (Hold Wisdom To Achieve Valhalla)
CIALL STIUIR ME AN VALHALLA (Wisdom Lead me to Valhalla)

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