Heirloom Quality Custom Swords

-From the work of Robert E. Howard

*Please note this is my personal sword and not for sale; though we can make your own unique custom Antediluvian

Signature # 15:05
Weight: 3.03kg (6lb 11oz)
Length Overall: 117.5cm (46.26")
Blade Length: From emergence from castings: 89cm (35")
Blade Length from end of Langettes: 71.8cm (28.27")
Grip Length: 14.6cm (5.75")
Blade Thickness: 6mm at ricasso (0.236") > 4.1mm at end of fuller (0.161")
Blade Width: 70mm overall > 54mm inside parrying hooks > 41.5mm before sweeping in to tip
Point of Balance: 6cm from emergence from castings
Blade node: 58cm from emergence from castings
Hilt node: Forward ferrule
Materials: Bronze Sculpture by Jeffrey J Robinson
Blade is 9260 high carbon steel
Grip is Poplar with Cotton cord wrap, soaked in 2 pack.
Atlantean Sword
Custom Atlantean Conan

The Atlantean Destroyer

Custom Conan Sword

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