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Aisling - Athame

Aisling is an Irish ladies' name meaning Dream or Vision.

Her grip is sculpted of Holly; Holly is the whitest wood, and as such has a very pure energy; A feminine energy, and an Earth Elemental association. Used to channel positive energy for the good of the world. It is associated with the Unicorn, the purest of animals. Holly is also an Evergreen tree, associating it with Immortality.

The stainless steel guard is engraved in the Ogham alphabet, one side reads 'Aisling', the other reads 'Anam' - Irish for Soul. The blade is 316 marine grade stainless steel, engraved with a vine motif in the elvish style.

Length overall: 28cm (11")
Blade Length: 16cm (6.3")
Weight: 278g (9.75oz)



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