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Before leaving Elrond's homestead at Rivendell, Aragorn had the sword of his forefathers, Narsil, reforged anew by Elvish smiths. The blade now bore gravings of a crescent moon, a rayed sun, and between them seven stars amongst many runes. For the long years since Narsil was broken has this sword been an heirloom and symbol of the Kingship of Arnor and Gondor. The newly forged sword was named Anduril: Flame of the West

Signature Number: 12:008

Weight: 2. 47kg (5.44lb)
Length Overall: 1245mm ( 49")
Blade Length: 935mm ( 37")
Grip Length: 168mm ( 6.61")
Guard Breadth: 255mm (10")
Blade Width: 52mm (2.04") > 30mm (1.2") at end of fuller
Blade Thickness: 6mm (0.236") at base of blade > 2" from tip 4.5mm (.177")
Point of Balance: 37mm (1.5") from base of blade
Centre of Percussion: ~56cm (~22")from base of blade
Hilt Node of Percussion: 7cm (2.75") behind guard

Blade: 9260 High Carbon Steel. Oil Quenched then Tempered twice to hardness ~ 52Rc.
Guard and Pommel: Sculpture by Jeffrey J Robi
nson to a design by Brendan Olszowy
Grip: Leather over a Poplar Core

Blade: Anar Nányë Andúril i né Narsil i macil Elendilo. Lercuvanten i móli Mordórëo Isil
Sun I am Andúril which was Narsil the sword of-Elendil They-will-flee-from-me the thralls of-Mordor Moon)

Pommel: Narsil essenya macil meletya /Telchar carnéron Návarotesse 
(Narsil is my name a mighty sword /  Telchar made me in Nogrod)


The images below are of a different sword (#12:017). This sword has a slightly different blade profile, some leatherwork changes, and the Chape is different.

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