Artist: Brendan Olszowy

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Location: Benger, Western Australia

Mobile (Australia): 0411 470 663

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Crafted May 2014
A nifty Oakeshott Type XVIIIa sword I built for myself. I own very few swords but I idealise the qualities of a well crafted historical type of sword: light, well balanced, fast and versatile. The narrow blade of this cut and thrust style sword is still an able cutter, with long reach, and very light and agile, able to be used single handed or with an aft hand for support. .

Weight: 1003g (2lb 3oz)
Length Overall: 1116mm (44")
Blade Length: 92cm (36.2")
Grip Length: 139mm (5.5")
Guard Width: 174mm (6.85")
Blade Width: 37mm @ shoulder > 15mm @ 15cm (6") from tip
Blade Thickness: 5.4mm @ shoulder > 4.4mm @ half length > 3.2mm @ 2" before tip
Point Of Balance: 102mm (4")
Centre of Percussion: ~56cm (22") from shoulder
Hilt Node of Percussion: 73mm (~3")behind guard
Blade: 9260 high carbon steel. Oil Quenched then Tempered twice to hardness ~50Rc
Hilt: Mild Steel furnishings, Grip is Poplar core with leather wrap

Type XVIIIa Oakeshott
Oakeshott Type XVIII

King Henry V sword Type XVIII

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