Heirloom Quality Custom Swords

Safety / Indemnity / Legal Disclaimers:

While swords are great display ornaments and an enjoyable tool of martial art, they are a live weapon, and must be handled with the same attention and care one would give a loaded gun. Keep them stored safely away from children. Handle swords well clear of other people, pets, kids etc. Never handle them when intoxicated, and never use them in cutting drills until you have first become proficient through qualified person to person tuition. Books are helpful education but personal tuition is recommended.

Despite the impression given in movies and books, swords are subject to fatigue and failure, and they can't "chop steel", or concrete pillars, or other swords. They're not to chop trees, or dead bone either. They need to be handled with dilligence, and strictly inspected and maintained to protect their integrity and keep them performing. The steel can be fatigued through frequent use, and should be inspected. Unskilled 'use' or misuse of swords will damage the sword.

I will not be responsible for any injury or death that occurs during the ownership of use of these blades, including that which may be inflicted on the user, surrounding people, pets, or property.

You must be over 18 and take the time to learn the legal requirements of blade ownership in your area, so we can respect them. I will not be responsible for any legal or cost implications that may affect weapon ownership or possession in your area.

By purchasing a sword from me (Brendan Olszowy) you are representing that you will use the sword in a lawful manner, and that you are of a lawful age. You also represent that you understand the risks involved and agree to indemnify me and hold me harmless and waive any right to hold me legally liabile or responsibility for any loss, injury, death or damage that may be suffered or costs and expenses, including attorney fees, relating to or arising out of any claim asserted by you against me.

*Please note that all film and literature inspired blades are made one-off for fan art purposes, and are not licenced or authorised product. No further copies of any of my work are offered for sale.

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