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Many years after the death of Poikakuningas, the boy king, and his children; the peacfull land was invaded by a barbarian tribe from the northern ice wastes. The king Magnus Gurnison (Descendant of the great Poikakuningas) wanted to keep peace in his land and to avoid his people getting killed in a war. He want to negotiate a peacefull solution with the leader of the barbarian tribe but was brutaly murdered. His dead body was sent back to the royal palace with the demand to surrender. His daughter, Princess Shiela Magnusdotter, wanted revenge for the death of her father but also to avoid needless bloodshed to her innocent people.

She challenged the barbarian tribe leader to a duel for life and death. The winner would be the new ruler of the peacefull folk, and the barbaran tribe. Since Shiela couldnt use the sword of her ancestors -TaisteluImpi - for her duel she bade the best weapon smiths forge a new sword for her, and called it "Warsong".

This sword was fast and gracefull and every time it struck it's target it rang like 100 bells. Shiela's agility and the speed of "Warsong" was too fast for the tribe leader, and she was able to win the duel with a single strike. Her opponent relied on his brute strength and wasn't able to follow her fast maneuvers. With "Warsong" Shiela was able to win the duel and brought back peace to her land again. Shiela was given the name "Shiela Stormbreaker" from her people because she was able to break the upcoming storm of war with a single strike.

From that day on every new ruler carried both swords of their ancesstors; to represent the peacefull way of Taistelu-Impi but when times nead a more aggressive way to protect peace and freedom they would call on the quickness and power of "Warsong" .

(See Taistelu Impi)

Weight: 910g (2.0 lb )
Length O/All: 818mm (32.2")
Length of Blade: 633mm (25")
Length of Grip: 103mm (4.1")
Width of Blade: 69mm (2.71") at base tapers quickly to 45mm (1.8") then gradually to an acute thrusting point
Thickness of Blade: 6mm (0.236") at base > 4.1mm (0.161") end of fuller > 2.25mm (0.089") at 1 " behind tip.
Point of Balance: 75mm (3" )
Centre of Percussion: ~ 45cm (18") from guard.
Hilt Node of Percussion: ~ 1cm (0.5") behind guard
Blade: 9260 Spring Steel; Oil Quenched and then tempered thrice to hardness ~54Rc.
Hilt Furniture: Copper Spike / Mild Steel Guards with lab grown Ruby insets
Timber: Acacia Burl from the Western Australian Goldfields

Warsong Custom Viking Sword

Viking Sword


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